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Dear friend, welcome to my website dedicated to my YouTube channel. Here I post various sounds of nature that I managed to record on my voice recorder, such as birds singing, the sound of rain and other nature sounds for relaxation. I hope that my sounds will help you wake up, fall asleep or create a cozy atmosphere.

Autumn Rain on a Car - Fall Ambience for Sleep and Relaxation

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Autumn Rain on a Car - Fall Ambience for Sleep and Relaxation

A pleasant, relaxing sound of autumn rain, which knocks on the roof and glass of an old car. Suitable for meditation, sleep, relaxation, concentration, reading, work, stress relief, insomnia. My first video, where sound processing was practically not needed.
At the 1:01:00 mark, the picture switches to night mode.
To increase the intensity of the rain, you need to duplicate the video tab and you will have 2 videos running at the same time. I hope that my audio recordings will help you create a cozy atmosphere, relax, wake up or relieve stress.

Microphone: ZooM h2n
Camera: Canon RP
Soft: Lightroom, Movavi
Location: Russia, Dmitrov region

The video and sound were shot by me personally. All audio and video material is the property of the channel. Any copying of materials is prohibited.