Ton Relax

About me

Dear friend, welcome to my website dedicated to my YouTube channel. Here I post various sounds of nature that I managed to record on my voice recorder, such as birds singing, the sound of rain and other nature sounds for relaxation. I hope that my sounds will help you wake up, fall asleep or create a cozy atmosphere.

鸟类的声音可以促进放松和改善幸福感,有助于分散注意力并放松身心。 它们还可以唤起和谐、平静和幸福的感觉。 聆听鸟鸣,有助于保持心理平衡,给予克服困难的力量。 此外,鸟类的声音可以帮助激活思维并为情绪和灵感创造条件。
以下是包含鸟叫声的视频播放列表。 要更改视频,请单击播放列表右上角的图标。